Chosen Charities

For his testimonial year, Tom has chosen the following charities – The Exeter Foundation and The C-Group.

The Exeter Foundation is a ‘civic trust’ that was born out of the desire of the Exeter Chiefs and a group of Exeter businessmen to create a focus for the future of the city and its surroundings, for the benefit of all citizens.

Our Mission…
To provide the City of Exeter and its surrounding areas with a ‘Civic Trust’ to grasp responsibility for the advancement of Greater Exeter, and to pursue the vision of people who live, work and run businesses in Exeter and the surrounding areas.

The Foundation will act as a fundraising body with a commitment to the future prosperity of Greater Exeter, and also as a vehicle for promoting collective civic pride.

The Royal Marines Charity inspires business to support Royal Marines in need whilst they are serving, in transition to civilian life and thereafter.

We aspire to:

  • Support any Royal Marine whose military career has ended prematurely due to injury, however the injury was incurred.
  • Support serving and former Royal Marines, their families and dependants who are in conditions of need, hardship or distress.
  • Assist serving and former Royal Marines to resettle into civilian life.